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Welcome to my online yoga studio...

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"Erin's yoga classes have helped improve self awareness of my body, posture and any tension I'm feeling.   After our yoga classes I feel calm and strong all day.  I always sleep well after yoga.  I use the gentle stretches and breathing exercises before I go to bed to help me unwind and get a good nights sleep."

- Bonnie, Darebin City Council, VIC, Australia

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Yoga with Erin

LIVE online yoga classes

My online yoga classes are lovingly crafted and always have a purpose and intention. 


Whether we are focusing on a particular area of the body or aspect of the practice e.g. balance or working towards a peak pose or there's a theme woven through the class you will grow and expand your knowledge and practice. 


I offer options throughout the classes so you can move at your own pace and customise your practice to suit your body and energy levels. 

A regular yoga practice can offer you a whole host of health benefits including reduced stress and tension, improved mental health, better sleep, increased strength, flexibility and focus, increased energy levels, improved posture, pain management support plus so much more.

Casual classes and class passes available...

My online timetable is updated weekly and yoga classes can be purchased on a casual, class by class basis or you can save $$ and purchase a class pass.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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I was initially drawn to yoga in 2002 looking for a way to reduce stress and support my mental health.  It was love at first breath and yoga has been a vital part of my life since.


Through yoga I was able to find a deep sense of inner peace, relieve stress, depression and anxiety and find balance.  While on my yoga mat I found time stood still, thoughts about the past and future slipped away and I was able to be completely present.  My body started to open, chronic lower back and shoulder pain disappeared, my sleep and long-term digestive issues improved and I felt strong.  I developed a deep love and passion for yoga and this shines through in my classes.

Over the years I've studied many different styles and areas of yoga including Purna, Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Myofascial release, Yoga Nidra in the Amrit style, Meditation and Chanting.  My classes provide a supportive, nurturing environment in which people can retreat from the daily grind, recharge their batteries and get some much needed ‘me time.’ Classes include asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation and relaxation.  I weave in principles of alignment, balance, flow, stillness and self-enquiry and my classes build strength, flexibility and awareness of the body.  I encourage my students to honour and listen to their bodies and I'm skilled at modifying and providing alternatives in class so everyone can get as much challenge (or ease) as they need.  I recognise we are all different, no two bodies are the same and love customising my classes.  I especially love working with clients in private sessions where I cater to their wants and needs and delight in seeing them transform, grow and heal. 

My Yoga Journey