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I'm pregnant, am I able to participate in the yoga classes?

Congratulations!  When you are pregnant your body goes through incredible changes and has different needs.  These classes aren't customised for pregnancy therefore aren't suitable during this time.  I instead recommend participating in a pre natal class which is catered to your needs. 

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How do I access the live classes?

When you book in for a class you will be emailed a link which will connect you to the class.  Classes are run via Zoom, I recommend pre-downloading zoom prior to your first class so you're all set to go.  It's also best to log on a few minutes before class begins so you can get settled in and comfortable before we begin.  I highly recommend pre downloading zoom prior to your first class so you're all ready to go.  

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Is there anything I should do to prepare for class?

Stay well hydrated before and after class and avoid eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours before class. 

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Do I need any props for class?

I highly recommend using a yoga mat and at different times we may use certain props in class.  A yoga strap, 2 blocks and a blanket and cushion are always handy if you have them.  If you don't have props don't worry you can always improvise by using a belt or scarf in place of a strap and thick books and sometimes tin cans can be helpful substitutes for yoga blocks. 

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