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I'm a highly experienced yoga teacher and have been practicing yoga for over

17 years

"I searched far and wide for Erin (being a psychologist, I like to do my research!) and have attended both her group and individual sessions ever since.  She has a gentle and intuitive approach, which immediately brings a sense of calm and purpose to the session.  Through yoga, Erin has helped treat my stress and muscular-skeletal issues and more importantly, has shown me how to continue to do this for myself and sustain the change.  Erin's yoga sessions are empowering.  I would recommend them to anyone that wants results and a yoga instructor they can stick with (the search ends here!)" 

- Cassandra Scicluna, Psychologist, VIC, Australia

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"I remember from the very first class Erin's yoga instruction struck me as particularly elegant, joyful and solid in aim. Each of Erin's classes have a strong and certain direction, filled with clear spiritual and physical intention. ♡ Erin really knows how to support yoga students on all stages of their yoga journey, inviting them to both honor and challenge themselves in equal amounts.  With each instruction Erin is able to guide you to build from one pose to the next, supporting you with her uniquely welcoming style. A combination of flow and static poses, I enjoy both the opportunity for movement and the strength building offered by her classes. ♡ Erin's instruction is clear, helpful and carries you toward your potential joy in simply 'being'. Each class is a well rounded experience in connecting mind, body and soul.  I really love Erin's yoga and I know I am so much healthier and happier for it."

- Libby Sherring, Owner/Therapist, Being Now Counselling & Psychotherapy, VIC, Australia