Erin is the founder of Breath by Breath Yoga and Wellness.  She believes everyone has their own unique light and should shine it brightly.  She is a yoga and meditation teacher, certified Amrit method yoga nidra teacher (sleep based meditation technique), health coach, Doterra essential oil wellness advocate and beauty therapist.

Through combining these therapies Erin completely transforms the lives of her clients in the same way she transformed her own life.  She empowers her clients to take control of their health and wellness, channel their inner warrior, push through their fears, reach their goals and live the life of their dreams. She specializes in working with women suffering from digestive issues, stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Twist photoErin works holistically focusing on body, mind and spirit and strives to motivate her clients to achieve their full potential and follow their heart.  When people are following their heart and living their truth they spread a ripple effect throughout the world transforming themselves and those around them.